Network statistics

Metric Value Notes
Chat rooms 11092 Includes all persistent rooms known (public/non-public and open/non-open)
Public rooms 10196 Only publicly listed rooms
Open rooms 8321 Only rooms which can be joined without password/invitation
Hidden rooms 0 Publicly listed MUCs where owners have requested de-listing from this directory
Total users 12662 Total number of users in all MUCs. Since we do not (and can not) track the real identities of users, this most certainly includes duplicates.
Domains 1767 Number of domains known; this includes non-MUC service domains and usually a single XMPP service has multiple domains (e.g. a base domain and a MUC service domain).
Stale domains 4 Number of domains which haven’t been reachable for more than 24 hours. Domains which are not reachable for more than seven days are removed from the database, unless they are being advertised by other domains.

Software statistics

Software name Absolute occurences Relative occurences
Prosody 251 53%
ejabberd 123 26%
Spectrum 41 9%
biboumi 11 2% Crawler (1) 10 2%
Metronome 8 2%
jabberd 4 1%
Openfire 3 1%
Other (less than 3 instances) 26 5%
Unknown (no version info available) 1290


  1. So some people apparently find it useful to host "echo" services which simply reflect the query back to the sender. They act like a mirror. So when the Crawler asks them for the software they’re running, it effectively asks itself without knowing that it does that. That’s what those " Crawler" entries are.

Service statistics

Service type Instances
User Server
Normal user accounts, like you and me
Group Chat Server
Group chat rooms, as listed by this service
IRC Gateway
Access to IRC networks via Jabber
File Storage / Upload Service
File storage for use with Jabber (e.g. HTTP Upload)
Publish-Subscribe Service
Distribute data in a publish-subscribe manner; e.g. news, weather alerts, etc.
File Transfer Proxy
To facilitate file transfer via "difficult" networks

Room languages

Language Rooms Users
English 2709 4978
German 177 2132
Spanish 84 414
French 38 355
Russian 31 211
Japanese 9 16
Portuguese 3 0
Italian 3 0
Dutch 2 0
Northern Sami 1 0
Arabic 1 0
Polish 1 8
Chinese 1 2
Ukrainian 1 0
Swedish 1 0
English 1 0
German 1 9
unspecified 7132 5469