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  1. XSF Discussion

    131 users online

    Discussion room of the XMPP Standards Foundation

    • Primary language: English
  2. IT-Sicherheit, Datenschutz & Privatsphäre

    127 users online

    Alles rund um IT-Sicherheit, Datenschutz und Privatsphäre

    • Primary language: German
  3. Official Movim Chatroom

    127 users online

    Movim project development and support

    • Primary language: English
  4. Funny Stuff

    126 users online

    Share funny :: Videos :: Pics :: Gifs (FSK 16!!!)

    • Primary language: German
  5. Android MUC

    125 users online

    Alles, was mit Android zu tun hat

    • Primary language: German
  6. Spyware

    108 users online

    Privacy, Security, Hardware, Software, and Society

    • Primary language: English
  7. Messenger Support [EN] or [DE]

    96 users online

    Alle Themen rund um - a free public XMPP service

    • Primary language: German
  8. FSCI Tech Support

    94 users online

    Technical Support for Free Software from FSCI | Follow | You can join via matrix

  9. 404 / 🌍 / English chat

    92 users online

    English XMPP community.

    • Primary language: English
  10. Virtual Tinkerspace

    90 users online

    Room for discussing software development, DevOps, and technology in general. (Memes welcome too.) Additional subjects - mechanical and ergonomic keyboards, trackballs, stenography, ...

    • Primary language: English
  11. Monal IM

    86 users online

    XMPP client for iOS and macOS -

    • Primary language: English
  12. Chaos Computer Club Dresden

    85 users online

    Chaos Computer Club Dresden

    • Primary language: German
  13. jdev

    84 users online

    Jabber/XMPP Development

    • Primary language: English
  14. LineageOS

    82 users online

    Unofficial room for Lineage users & devs. Side topics that get asylum here: Android, TWRP, Custom ROMs

    • Primary language: English
  15. Slidge - XMPP gateways

    81 users online

    Room of the slidge project: -- Please try it out and report bugs!

    • Primary language: English
  16. JabberFR

    78 users online

    Salon de discussion de la communauté Jabber francophone

    • Primary language: French
  17. NixNet Community

    77 users online

    Just a place for some of us to hang out

    • Primary language: English
  18. Schrödingers Chat

    74 users online

    War is peace. Off-Topic is On-Topic. M.A.T.R.I.X. is the Monolithic, Awfully Trendy Re-Implementation of XMPP

  19. wtfipfs 多平台互联中文群

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    xmpp群介绍:中文 zh cn chinese ,话题不限。 频道地址(地位相同,互为镜像频道): 备用入群链接: 群组管理: xmpp(可群内私聊或加好友): 分群/避难区(由于主群是公开群,难免会有机器人账号发送垃圾信息甚至进行消息轰炸,故特设此群。新人被管理邀请或私聊管理获取到成员身份才能正常发言,有需要的请私聊管理): XMPP客户端列表: android平台: Conversations( ) 功能简陋,但运行稳定 blabber( ) 功能稍多,bug也多 monocles( ) 功能稍多,bug也多 atalk( ) 不支持gpg,功能更多,但运行不太稳定 PC推荐使用gajim,相比移动端,支持的功能最多 无gui: profanity xmpp服务大部分都是免费的,建议从公共服务器列表里找一个自己喜欢的。 公共XMPP服务器列表: ht…

    • Primary language: Chinese