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  1. Kuketz-Blog

    756 users online

    IT-Sicherheit | Datenschutz | Hacking - Weitere Infos:

    • Primary language: German
  2. Conversations

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    The very last word in instant messaging.

    • Primary language: English
  3. Disroot Community Hangout

    313 users online

    Community hangout surrounding https;// project. About Disroot and anything else really. Respect eachother, dont be asshole.

    • Primary language: English
  4. Freie Messenger (DE)

    254 users online

    Chatraum für das Projekt "Freie Messenger" - Fragen und Ideen zu: Vergleichen, Übersichten, Empfehlungen, Anleitungen (nicht nur für Schulen und Berufsgeheimnisträger)

  5. Gajim

    247 users online

    Gajim - A fully-featured XMPP client

  6. Disroot State

    243 users online

    Updates on Disroot platform issues, maintenance, downtimes etc.

    • Primary language: English
  7. Linux & FLOSS

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    Linux & FLOSS

    • Primary language: German
  8. Dino Public Chat

    217 users online

    Dino is a modern desktop XMPP client. Communicating happiness.

    • Primary language: English
  9. Jabber(XMPP) (DE)

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    Jabber(XMPP) / Conversations & Co. / Gajim / OMEMO / ''sichere'' Messenger

  10. Prosŏdy IM Chatroom

    202 users online

    Prosŏdy XMPP server support and related discussions (i.e. otters)

    • Primary language: English
  11. Android MUC

    166 users online

    Alles, was mit Android zu tun hat

    • Primary language: German
  12. Open Hardware Chat

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    Open Hardware, Pinephone, Librem, Fairphone, Neo900, Ringo, Open Book, Nitropad, Betrusted, Precursor, Popcorn, Pyra, TERES-I, MNT Reform, Kite, Lime2, Arduino, Balthazar, Beagleboard, DIY, RISCV, xi-8088 etc. let's chat about that. (English) Invite interested makers and early adopters 🤫

    • Primary language: English
  13. XMPP Service Operators

    136 users online

    Discussion venue for operators of federated XMPP services

    • Primary language: English
  14. ejabberd

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    ejabberd discussions

    • Primary language: English
  15. netzpolitik

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    Ein MUC über Politik rund ums Netz (Netzpolitik)

    • Primary language: German
  16. 404 / English chat

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    English XMPP community

    • Primary language: English
  17. General Discussion

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    Discussion of projects like JMP, for text/picture messaging with real phone numbers from your Jabber ID:

    • Primary language: English
  18. Messenger Support

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    Alle Themen rund um - a free public XMPP service

    • Primary language: German
  19. Funny Stuff

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    Share funny :: Videos :: Pics :: Gifs (FSK 16!!!)

    • Primary language: German
  20. Official Movim Chatroom

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    Official Movim Chatroom

    • Primary language: English
  21. The Lighthouse

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    Aria Network and LW.Org, Main Lobby Room

    • Non-pseudonymous
  22. LineageOS

    96 users online

    • Primary language: English
  23. Chaos Computer Club Dresden

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    Chaos Computer Club Dresden

    • Primary language: German
  24. Italia

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    Room per argomenti generali e off-topic in lingua italiana

  25. Schulen

    94 users online

    Freie Messenger an Schulen - Erfahrungsaustausch (Untergruppe von Freie-Messenger)