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  1. Project Discussion

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    Discussion of projects like JMP, for text/picture messaging with real phone numbers from your Jabber ID:

    • Primary language: English
  2. Conversations

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    The very last word in instant messaging.

    • Primary language: English
  3. Disroot Community Hangout

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    About Disroot and anything else, really. Be kind and polite, exercise consideration and respect in your speech and actions. Actions that seem specifically intended to test the limits of what is not offensive and disruptive, and that serve no other purpose will not be tolerated. By participating in an authentic and active way you contribute to the health and longevity of this community. Have fun and enjoy your time with us. comply with

    • Primary language: English
  4. Italia

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    Room per argomenti generali e off-topic in lingua italiana

  5. Gajim

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    Gajim - A fully-featured XMPP client

    • Primary language: English
  6. Disroot State

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    Updates on Disroot platform issues, maintenance, downtimes etc.

    • Primary language: English
  7. Dino Public Chat

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    Dino is a modern desktop XMPP client. Communicating happiness.

    • Primary language: English
  8. Open Hardware Chat ⚙️

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    Open Hardware, Pinephone, Librem, Fairphone, Neo900, Ringo, Open Book, Nitropad, Betrusted, Precursor, Popcorn, Pyra, TERES-I, MNT Reform, Kite, Lime2, Arduino, Balthazar, Beagleboard, DIY, RISCV, xi-8088 etc. let's chat about that. (English) Invite interested makers and early adopters 🤫

    • Primary language: English
  9. Prosŏdy IM Chatroom

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    Prosŏdy XMPP server support and related discussions (i.e. otters)

    • Primary language: English
  10. Privacy and Security

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    Privacy and Security

    • Primary language: English
  11. XMPP Service Operators

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    Discussion venue for operators of federated XMPP services

    • Primary language: English
  12. Freie Messenger (DE)

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    Chatraum für das Projekt "Freie Messenger" - Fragen und Ideen zu: Vergleichen, Übersichten, Empfehlungen, Anleitungen (nicht nur für Schulen und Berufsgeheimnisträger)

  13. Snikket Project Chat

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    Discussion of the Snikket project

    • Primary language: English
  14. Linux & FLOSS

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    Linux & FLOSS

    • Primary language: German
  15. ejabberd

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    ejabberd discussions

    • Primary language: English
  16. monocles support room

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    Welcome here!

    • Primary language: English
  17. Tigase support channel

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    tigase development, installation and administration - with the help of Tigase Team

  18. XSF Discussion

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    Discussion room of the XMPP Standards Foundation

    • Primary language: English
  19. Funny Stuff

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    Share funny :: Videos :: Pics :: Gifs (FSK 16!!!)

    • Primary language: German
  20. LineageOS

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    Unofficial room for Lineage users & devs. Side topics that get asylum here: Android, TWRP, Custom ROMs

    • Primary language: English
  21. IT-Sicherheit, Datenschutz & Privatsphäre

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    Alles rund um IT-Sicherheit, Datenschutz und Privatsphäre

    • Primary language: German