Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a quick Q/A style documentation to get you started.

Why is my room not listed?

We can only list rooms we know about. We auto-discover rooms on any domain we know, but if you run your own domain, we might not know about it yet. Invite to your room. Note that it won’t join the room, but merely add it to the queue for scanning.

Also note that we do not list rooms which exist in other chat networks, such as Matrix or Telegram. This service is intended to list rooms in the Jabber network, not in third-party networks. (Though we might list gateways for use from Jabber in the future.)

I invited the bot, but my room is still not listed.

Re-try inviting. If it does not work after more than three hours, get in touch.

Why is my room/domain not listed anymore?

Are other rooms from the same domain listed? If yes, double-check the listing criteria as detailed in the documentation for owners.

If no other rooms from the same domain are listed, it is possible that we lost contact to the domain for more than seven days (re-trying every hour or every six hours). In that case, we drop the domain off our database. You might be able to get your room listed again by inviting the bot as normal.

If re-inviting does not work, please get in touch.

Why is my room’s avatar not shown?

Only avatars from rooms on a allowlist are shown. The allowlist exists to protect the service against abuse. To get on the allowlist, please get in touch.

My room is on the allowlist, but the avatar is still not shown.

Please ensure that you are following the restrictions on avatars as described in the documentation for room owners.

Avatars must be published via the vcard-temp protocol (yeah... I know).

If you think that your avatar fulfills these criteria, get in touch to hunt down the issue.